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Stress Management

Counselling Services To Help You Effectively Manage Everyday Stress

For professional stress management counselling, give MK Psychology a call. We specialise in stress reduction strategies for children, adolescents and adults who may be facing difficult situations in their life. Whether you are facing a simple or serious issue, our team of qualified professionals will assist in addressing those issues for you, helping you improve your overall psychological and emotional wellbeing. At MK Psychology, we take the time to listen to your issues and really understand your personal situation. 

We understand that everyone is different and therefore requires a unique approach in counselling help.

Our goal is to not only improve the quality of your life but to empower you to manage everyday stressful situations in a healthy and positive way. MK Psychology employs a strong team of professional counsellors that will guide and support you every step of the way. We’re here to encourage you to develop appropriate life skills that will enhance your overall wellbeing. In addition to treating stress management concerns, we can also assist with: parenting issues, anger and behavioural management, grief and loss, relationships, autism, social skills, self-esteem, learning issues, bullying, self-harm addiction and sleep problems. We will help you find healthy solutions.

MK Psychology services the following suburbs: Gisborne, Sunbury, Eltham and surrounding suburbs. To book a consultation relating to stress management, please contact us on 0476 255 687 or alternatively send and online enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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